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Three Steps to Achieve Your Goals

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Do you ever sit down and really wonder what it will take for you to achieve your goals this year? Maybe this is the year you’ve decided to enhance your health for a more vibrant, sensual, and flexible body and being. Maybe this year you’ve decided that your business will increase revenue by 200%.

What are the key actions you need to take to achieve your personal and business goals? For starters, having clarity about what you are seeking to achieve is key. It’s one thing to say, “I want to lose weight.” It’s another thing to say, “I want to have more stamina, sleep better, eat healthier, and exercise for 30 minutes three times a week.” Can you tell the difference? Clarity is aligning and defining what you want, what your purpose is, and honoring your soul’s calling.

2016-04-04 Three Steps to Achieve Your Goals SG7In my experience, many of my coaching clients have struggled with clarity of purpose and calling. This would leave them fragmented and immobilized by their many ideas and the desire to do them all. Borrowing something I heard at a conference, I often say, “Pick one horse and ride it.”

This is critical, because many people can easily and fairly quickly tell you what they “don’t want.” But knowing what they do want, how it will make a difference in their life and their big WHY is usually unclear.

After clarity, gaining confidence in yourself, your value, and your skills is the next fundamental step. When you attempt something new, you can feel unsure at first. But as you try and succeed, you gain greater confidence. Knowing the benefits of successfully achieving your goals also enhances your confidence.

Lastly, tell me: What frightens you and shrinks your success? Is it telling people you’re looking for clients? Is it increasing your team for sustainability? Is it working three days a week? Each of these experiences is a call for action to access your courage. Getting yourself mentally and emotionally ready to persevere, in spite of seeming obstacles or feeling uncomfortable, so that you stay in the game.

In order for your goals to be achieved, you will have to expand in your capacity to implement, market, delegate, and hold the vision for your life and business.

Think of courage as the way you activate your commitment to achieve your goal. It’s the execution of your clarity and confidence to achieve your goals.

These three—clarity, confidence, and courage—are the keys to begin to build a foundation for continued success.

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