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Three Keys To Prosperous Living

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There’s a reason you’re reading this article. There’s something that you want to experience in your life. More importantly, I trust that you know that there is more, way more for you to have in your life.

Whether you’re struggling, striving, or surpassing. Whether you’re lonely, loving, or lustrous. Whether you’re pleading, praying, or visioning—these three keys will propel you closer to the results you deserve.

Prosperous living begins with your desire for something more; your being hungry to live a life that is abundant and fulfilling to your soul and spirit. It’s your heartfelt desire to thrive in all that you do.

As much as I’d like to define this experience for you, it’s not possible. You are the creator and orchestrator of your prosperous life. You can start now by taking a moment to define for yourself what prosperous living means to you.

More directly, what would it feel like? What would you feel like living it? What results would you experience? These become markers to let you know when you’re where you want to be.

2016-03-28 Keys To Prosperous Living SG3I’ll give you this hint: “prosperous” has far less to do with lack of money/things or an abundance of money/things than it does with a way of living and thinking. That said, it’s really an attitude toward your life that is to be lived from the inside out.

It doesn’t matter what happens “out there”—what “they” did or did not do. What you do and think about what happens is what matters.

  1. Create your prosperity. You have the power to create prosperity in your life through your own thoughts. This is the same as saying take responsibility for your life and what you “think” about it. Keep your thoughts centered on ideas of abundance, or on having more than enough. Write your positive thoughts on Post-Its and place them on the wall so you can see them all the time. Be intentional and replace words like “I can’t,” “I’m afraid,” or “There isn’t enough” with “I will,” “I can,” and “There is more than enough.” Then begin to set aside ten minutes daily to visualize being surrounded by the abundance of the Universe/God that only wants good for your life. Think of abundance like air—there’s no spot where it’s not.
  2. Forgive and forget. Who are you on the out’s with? Just as important, who have you “forgiven” but have vowed not to forget? LET IT GO for your prosperous living and life. You know, they don’t even remember it by now, and the fact that you do only hurts you. It keeps you stuck in that scenario. I can remember hosting a workshop on forgiveness, and so many people said they would forgive and not forget. I simply asked, “How is that working for you?” Holding on to past hurt, abuses, failures, disappointments, or betrayal means you’re expending a great deal of energy going in the opposite direction of your goal. So what do you need to forget (let go of) and who do you need to forgive? Choose today to direct all of that energy to your goals and living your most amazing life.
  3. Gratitude. As I write this, I’m in my office looking out the huge sliding glass door watching a squirrel play on the patio in the bright sunshine. As I drove to speak today, I noticed the blue of the sky and the design of the clouds; I smelled the fragrances in the air and marveled at the cherry blossoms. I allowed myself to be fully present for a hug with my son. I noticed how I trust God like I trust gravity. With each inhalation, I realize I’m not tracking my breathing. Actually, there is a power breathing my breath and yours. There’s a power beating my heart and yours, without any help from either of us. Express appreciation and thanks for everything in your thinking and speaking . . . because it is all here for you and me.

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