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Inspiring. Motivational.
Transformative. Soul Rocking.



Wow your audience with high-level clarity, power and inspiration. Your guests will be immersed in Jenenne’s engaging personality, personal anecdotes and proven methods. They’re sure to leave raving about the outstanding experience you provided them by hiring Jenenne to speak and make your next event, conference, corporate training, seminar or workshop incredible.

Jenenne has the uncanny ability to compel your audience to take their next step, take back their power, create a new story and make their business and personal goals a reality.  As a Transformational Speaker she will not only inspire, move and empower but will also share practical tools and strategies for solutions to greater success, fulfillment, and wealth by using a powerful combo of proven prosperity principles and sacred practices for business growth, personal development, transformational leadership and staggering success.

Presentation Topics:


“Life Happens Through You Not To You: 3 Steps to The Truth About Getting The Success You Deserve”

In this powerful, transparent presentation Jenenne stimulates (or invites) the audience to accept their powerful role as the creator of their success in life and business by making a mindset shift in how they perceive themselves and their life. Jenenne engages the audience with 3 steps to take now to transform their present for their future.

Jenenne Speaking

“Money Is Not A Wealth Consciousness: 6 Steps to Shift Your Mindset to Wealth Consciousness”

Making money is one thing. Living a wealth consciousness as your life is a different story.  Learn the 6 steps to make the shift into the greatness and the largeness of living from a wealth consciousness.

Living Richly Creating Your Amazing Life:  3 Steps to Access the power that Fuels your Success

In this presentation Jenenne stimulates and rallies her audience to live a rich life by showing them how to access their unlimited power to generate profits, passion and peace of mind.

Leading With Your Heart and Your Head: Tapping Into Your Passion for Profits

Your heart is yearning for one thing and your head is yelling another. How do you know what to do? What do you trust? And most importantly, how do you enter the heart and find your love and then go monetize it? Jenenne shares her experience and strategic how-tos on aligning your heart and head for big impact, big happiness and big riches.


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