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Here’s what others are saying about Rev. Jenenne Macklin:

“Jenenne Macklin leads others to STAND UP for themselves… She … will lead YOU to discover the unshakable power born within.”

— Lisa Nichols, New York Times Best Selling Author of No Matter What


sean-smith“In [only a few minutes]… she had the audience laughing and crying and out of their seats… She has this ability to not only inspire the crowd, but get inside their hearts.”

— Sean Smith, Runner Up, “North American’s Next Greatest Speaker” contest hosted by EWomen Network


allyson“Jenenne Macklin is one of the most transparent and extraordinary teachers of our time. Her breakthrough approach to inventing happiness for our lives is unapologetic and direct. Teaching in a tone of grace and love, it’s obvious she holds the fingerprint of a legendary Maya Angelou and the passion of a modern day Oprah. If you desire a life of power, get real and create transparency with one of the most compelling people on our planet.”

— Allyson Byrd, coauthor of bestselling Unbreakable Spirit, Rising Above the Impossible.


— Susie Carder, CEO of Motivating the Masses


— Dr. Venus Opal Reese, CEO of Defy Impossible


Angela Lewis“The 6 week Spirit and Riches™ program was EXTRAORDINARY!! I began to recognize and unlock past thought process that weren’t serving me. Specifically the meditations helped me look inward for the answers and Jenenne’s coaching forced me to think deeper and gain clarity. The investment was worth it and I am thankful for the opportunity to experience this powerful program. Wishing you a life filled with riches.”

— Angela Lewis

Scotch Ellis Loring“Her wonderfully complimentary intuition and experience managed to guide me to solutions from our very first time together. Being truly willing to hear the truth readied me for her level of crystal clarity. I am truly grateful and ‘lighter’ from this ‘enlightener’!”

— Scotch Ellis Loring, Singer/Actor/Entrepreneur

Andrae Alexander“As a person who has a lot of great ideas and even great finished projects, I have always suffered from “what happens next?” syndrome. During my first session with Jenenne, she intuitively addressed that very issue. The thing I love most about working with Jenenne is the fact that she is very spiritual and equally as business minded. Also, her gift to hear what you are “actually” saying is great too!”

— Andrae Alexander, Musician/Entrepreneur

Geevani Singhi“Jenenne unlocked my self worth, value and taught me the inner money game to create a breathtaking life. Through her VIP coaching my business generated 1.2 million and is on the fast track to 2 million. I take all her classes & attend all her programs.”

— Geevani Singhi, GS Management, Inc.

“This workshop is the strongest prosperity workshop I have ever been in. It was content rich, fluent, easy-to- follow, thought-provoking, principle-based, and much more.”

— Patricia Hightower, Education Department, Guidance Center

“I love the testimonies, the shedding of the old to embrace the new. I love that you provide concrete steps to get to your happy. I love that we see your incredible journey through the pages of this book. I think I love the entire book!”

— TaShia Asanti, Intuitive Life Coach and Best Selling Author

“Jenenne is a wonderful person who knows how real change actually works, along with all its trials and tribulations. She is one of those rare people who comes from the trenches and has risen to the stars. A truly inspiring person!”

— Jackie Cooper

“Thank you so much for today, the energy in the room was so healing, i can’t wait till you do another one. I have been reading the book this evening and am really enjoying it. Like i said, i kept getting the emails and really being touched by them, i get so many but yours stood out and i wanted to meet you. You sounded so real and so loving.”

— Kathleen

“I am so excited!!!!!!!!! I have an appointment to meet this evening with the person that I spoke about Sunday. We will be discussing a plan for working on designs for several of her products. WHOOOOO HOOOOOO. Peace & Blessings.”

— Katrice, Los Angeles

“I am still reading Divine Openings and really enjoying it. I have found a few interesting houses and am still looking around. I decided that I want to wait until April to move so I want to find my house in March. I SO appreciated your advice to stay in the feeling of the excitement of having the house. I’ve been having a lot of fun with that. Even better than the house hunting, I experienced an amazing, really moving reunion with a dear friend who I had lost touch with for nearly a decade. Jeneene, it was so heartwarming and joyous I just can’t even tell you. After both of us having years of pain and hurt, we had the most wonderful reconciliation and I experienced the flip side of all that hurt – which has been so much love! We are enjoying getting to know each other again. I really am looking forward to next time. Please put me on your mailing list!! Blessings.”

— Sarah

“Within 2 weeks of doing my first divine opening I manifested a new living situation underneath quite specific parameters: I wanted to be paying half as much rent as I was at the time; I wanted to live in a communal situation with good people; I desired the place to be in a certain part of town; pet-friendly building and oh yeah, I didn’t want a credit check or income verification because I was unemployed and income was scarce. Well everything transpired as I’d desired. I have great roommates in my ideal part of town and I pay less than half of what my prior rent was. On a personal level it’s always a pleasure and blessing to hear Rev. Jenenne speak. Wisdom flows through her and she’s very good at listening to the concerns of her talk participants and in providing divine feedback. Jenenne is a-okay in my book!”

— Valerie, Los Angeles

“I’m so happy things are going beautifully with your book, and that you had an amazing New Year’s. I watched your New Year video on your blog, watched several of your other videos, and read your latest entries. All very inspiring! I could feel the buzz of your energy in your videos — my ears started humming and I could quickly feel the vibration when you were speaking, just as I felt it when we spoke on the phone. Feels great, and you helped me tune myself up for my day….thank you! I’m off to look into my own eyes in the mirror and practice feeling that I am an extension of my creator — love that affirmation! I can’t wait to feel it fully! Thank you so much for your lovely energy and guidance! Much love.”

— Jennifer