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Money Mindset Bootcamp is a 6-hour, online course, in which you’ll begin to understand what a money mindset really is. We’ll also work at unraveling the money mysteries for greater abundance and $$ in your account.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What beliefs attract money and what beliefs repel it.
  • The connection between your heart and your money.
  • The basic principles to lived by to open the floodgate for money income
  • The #1 most powerful action you can take today for financial freedom.

Format: 4 modules, each complete with video trainings and “take action” worksheets.


Yes, Rev. Jenenne, I’m ready to have clarity and confidence to live a new money story, and attract more money, joy and love!

I’m ready to work with you to…

  • Change how I feel about money
  • No longer struggle with inconsistent cash flow
  • Make the mindset shift to shift the trajectory of my future
  • Shift my inner conversation to align for outer results
  • Learn practical strategies for greater success, mental clarity, & creativity

Please REGISTER ME for your upcoming “Money Mindset – Boot Camp” so I can unleash my power to manifest and attract more money.  I will learn …

  • How the Connection Between My Mind and Your Wallet can Attract $$$
  • How My Feelings Create My Reality
  • #1 Place To Find Solutions to Everything I Want
  • How The Law of Attraction Really Works
  • How To Become a Money Magnet
  • Practical Practices to Integrate for Immediate Results

Live Q & A Phone Session.  All sessions are recorded.

Total Package Value $1247

Today’s Investment  $497

One Payment of $497 or

2 easy payments of $257

(select your payment plan on registration page)


Payments bill at 21 day increments. Coaching and programs are considered confirmed at the time of purchase. Space is limited. Cancellation in writing within 3 business days from date of transaction. After 3 days cancellations will be honored. However, no cash refund will be given. Credit for monies paid will be given and may be used for up to one year towards services, workshops, live events.

Or, if you prefer, call 310.978.7133 to enroll today!