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Welcome To Module 1: “You + God + Money: Expand Your Source of Wealth.

This week’s training will begin to explore your relationship with spirituality and wealth and how to reframe limiting beliefs.

Listen to this week’s call recording:



Welcome to Module 2:  Vulnerability & Value:  The Power of Your Unique Presence

This week’s training will tap into your big “why” and the value you bring to your business.


Welcome to Module 3:  Sacred Wealth Breakthrough:  Shift inner blocks for financial flow

This week’s training will explore the “energy” you hold in your relationship with money and how to shift to a higher vibration to transform your relationship with wealth & prosperity.


Listen to: Mediation – Connecting to your Greatness  by Rev. Jenenne Macklin 


Welcome to Module 4: Heart Healing: Unmask Your Hurt For Financial Freedom

This week’s training will reveal where your heart was broken and the decisions you made that impacts your money, wealth, prosperity, business. and how radical forgiveness creates a fundamental shift for success.

Listen to this week’s call Recording:


Welcome to Module 5:  Intention and Intuition: Sacred Practices for Spiritual Success

This week’s training will empower you to integrate two critical practices to anchor your wealth and success.

Sacred Wealth Handout Week Five


Listen to this week’s call Recording:



Welcome to Module 6:  Living Spirit and Riches: Leverage the Universe with Inspired Action

This week’s training will require your understanding inspired action and living in alignment as the source of your success.


Sacred Wealth Handout Week Six

Listen to this week’s call Recording:


Listen to Meditations:  by Rev. Jenenne Macklin

Essence of Life Meditation:




Listen to: Manifestation takes Action by Rev. Jenenne Macklin 

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Your Worth Your Wealth Interview with New York Times Best Selling Author Lisa Nichols

Listen in on this powerful and transparent interview discussing the impact of your sense of worth and value on your business.