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Intuitive Prosperity Prayer

“I’m holding a space for you to the live your perfect life. It’s time to shake off stress, struggle and being stuck to grab the lifeline of freedom, being fierce and financially fit.” Join Reverend Jenenne Macklin each month for a free Intuitive Prosperity Prayer Session. Connect with the Divine. Find your true self. Move past the blocks. Create Abundance. Live in it. This is where you step up, show up, get prayed up and grow up to stand up for your dream. Receive on-the-spot intuitive guidance, business insight and strategies for success, participate in a powerfully elevated circle of healing light, receive a spiritually anchored prayer inclusive of all faiths.





Living Richly: Learn 7 Sacred Steps to Connecting to Your Divine Source for More Wealth and Happiness – Seven-Figure Success

Gain clarity about the principles to expand your businss, enhance your life and create a deeper connection within for greater joy, fulfillment, love and happiness.