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Financial freedom – to do what you want to do; to build a legacy; to travel; to give to the world.

What would financial freedom mean to you and your life. More importantly, how do you harness your thoughts?  I honestly didn’t start to map out a road to financial freedom until I was in my mid 40”s.  What is the #1 contributing factor for freedom?!  MINDSET.

I know you’ve been hearing a lot about money, wealth and mindset,

And, I know you’re probably like “WHAT are they talking about?”  Not only that but…

How does it work?

How do you do it?

More importantly, how do I get some?

So, let’s chat for a minute about what that can look like for you in your life.

Mindset is the new buzz word.

Everybody’s talking about money or wealth mindset. Let me tell you, it’s not some big “woo-woo” thing.

When I talk about money mindset, it has little to do with the money itself and everything to do with what you think about the $$cha-ching$$.  That’s the key – what you “think” about money, and wealth.

The theories on mindset have a long standing history. Briefly, according to Carol Dwaff, there are two mindsets: a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.   Basically it’s the impact that your beliefs can have on your behavior.  That’s why you may have heard people say, that the biggest challenge to reaching your goals, building your business, and being happy is what’s sitting between your ears.

Mind – Set

Here’s the deal – your mind, yes your mind is powerful.  It responds to the stories (sometimes lies) you tell yourself, the things you believe about yourself,  each of which can move you toward your goals or STOP you dead in your tracks.  So literally you don’t have to look any further than… your thinking in looking at your life.  

Where we run into challenges and obstacles usually you will find that you are set in a particular thinking about, for example, money, health, our business or love.

Not having enough or, not being enough…

That’s when everything goes to hell in a handbasket.

If you find yourself thinking or saying…

  • I don’t have enough…
  • I’d buy that if…
  • I can’t afford that…

…that’s what shows up in your financial life. So, it’s time to not only have a new language about money, I would strongly suggest a new relationship with money that incorporates a new mindset.

Harness your thoughts for your financial freedom.  Here’s an ACTION step to get you started:  For two days, I want you to check out what you say about money. When you spend money, when you receive money, when you speak to others about money, when you think about investing in yourself…notice what you say/think or believe.  Then write it down and join me in my FB group.

I want to invite you to join me in our Money and Wealth Mastery FB group and share what you discovered.  I’ll meet you there and help you connect the dots to the results you’re getting and HOW to shift for the results you desire (and deserve).

Just in case you were thinking it was your job, him/her, your past or your parents… it’s none of that.

It’s your thinking, your mindset that’s having an impact and powerful influence on your money, the success of your business and your life..

How do you spell relief, freedom, success…mindset.

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