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Do You Really Trust God in Your Money?

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Money is a topic in many conversations. How to attract more wealth, how to meet basic financial responsibilities, how much is enough, who to help with the money you gain, and how much to help and in what country.

In most of those conversations, trusting God in your money and financial affairs doesn’t seem to enter the conversation.

You trust the banks every time you make a deposit to invest your money wisely and to return your money when you go to the bank to withdraw it.

You trust the stock market when you make a financial investment, right?

So what happens when it comes to really trusting God in your money—especially when it is literally written on each denomination of bill, “In God We Trust.”

2016-04-18 Do You Really Trust God in Your Money SG3I know for many women that I have coached and who have attended my three-day Replenish retreat, the influence of parents, culture, and religion has made money and God strange bedfellows.

Maybe it’s more of a conversation of how to trust God in the midst of your struggles, not having enough, cutbacks and layoffs, declining property values, seeking to grow your wealth and establish sustainable financial freedom.

Let’s start with what it means to trust God. I want to be clear that I am not defining your God nor swaying you to a particular God or religion. For me, God is that presence that is beating your heart right now and breathing your breath—without any help from you.

What I am doing is encouraging you to explore how trusting God will transform your relationship with money, wealth, and financial freedom. When you think about trusting God, think about the sky and air, or better yet… gravity.

You trust that each day there will be a sky. You trust this so completely that the thought of there not being a sky does not enter your mind—ever.

You run, get on a plane, and travel to Dubai, snorkel in the deep sea off Maui, and never once do you think there will not be any air—never.

You lie down at night and have no concern at all that a star will fall through the ceiling and burn you while you sleep.

You take action, move from one place to the other, drive your cars, take a cruise, and the thought of falling off this planet never enters your mind, because you unequivocally trust gravity.

Take that level of unequivocal trust and intentionally direct it to God so that you feel it in your heart when you handle your money, spend your money, receive money, and give money. It will transform your life and your relationship with money.

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