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Create The Life You Want

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When you look at your life today, is it the life you wanted to create for yourself?

I think for many people, life may not be a well-thought-out and crafted masterpiece. Mine certainly wasn’t… not in the beginning.

Rather it was influenced by my past, stories, and my doubts, perceived failures, and fears. Most certainly it was influenced by not knowing my worth or value not to mention poor money management and feeling like a victim.

How about you? What prevented you from creating the life you wanted? Not knowing the steps or what the possibilities were?

WMM1-SG1We’ve all had our share of challenges and have walked through life’s fire. And we’re still here. You’re still here! No matter what you took stumbling blocks and turned them into stepping-stones on your journey.

So how do you start to create the life you want out of the life you’re living?

First let share that what I have found is that there are internal shifts that have the greatest impact on your joy, fulfillment, success and peace of mind; shifts that you may not have been taught growing up.

I understand that the language of “creating the life you want” may not be that familiar, specifically the “creating” part. But – that’s the great part—because you can.

From this moment on, know that it’s you… you have the answers, you have the power and you have the ability to create the life you want. It all lies within you.

I use to think that life was about finding yourself, finding your dreams. No, it’s not- instead life is about creating – creating your life, joy, success and wealth.

Here’s three ways how…

  • Learn to align your thoughts & feelings. Simply put, thoughts are things. Yes, they really are. You just need to learn to think thoughts that align with what you want to create in your life – until it shows up.

Visualize your life as a blank canvas and your thoughts as the paintbrush in your hand. When you create, you begin with your thinking and feelings. Both of these internal actions will reflect external evidence in your reality. The better you are at aligning your thinking and feeling for the results you desire, the better you create your reality.

  • Understand the power of your spoken words in your life.

Words are by far the most powerful force that we have. You can use your words positively or destructively but whichever way your words are creating in your life. Words have an energy and power to heal, soothe, hurt, harm and ultimately create.

Create an awareness of the power of your words. You know this when you speak words that hurt another’s feelings, or vice versa—someone’s words hurt your feelings. Now transfer that awareness of the power of your spoken words to what you say to yourself about your dreams, goals, success, happiness, health, and life. Are the words you speak in alignment with what you really want to see show up in your life? If not, start to discipline yourself to speak in a way that affirms what you want to create in your life.

  • Step into the possibilities with action.

Simply put, you must take action. Creating the life you want out of the life you are currently living is about taking action. It’s also about grabbing a glimpse of what’s possible for your life and business.

From your business ideas, product line, harnessing your motivation, facing your fears, being a successful entrepreneur – it’s all about taking action. You will have to take bold, radical actions for the results you desire. Trust and believe that these actions will move you out of your comfort zone and into a greater capacity for what you want to create in your life. There’s no way around it.

You will create the life you want – your breathtaking, amazing, fulfilled life of abundance – when you take action rather than avoiding it. Be mindful, however: you don’t want to take just any action. You want your actions to be inspired from within. Remember a time when you had a nudge to do something, but you ignored it. Later you realized that it was in perfect alignment with your goal. That’s the inspired action I’m talking about.

In spite of what you may think, you don’t stumble into your future. You are the creator of your life whether you believe it or not. Life isn’t happening “to” you. Instead, life is creating “through” your thoughts and feelings.

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, or even believe it, you are a creator and you are the force that is creating your own future—with every thought, feeling, spoken word and action you take today.

Think about, what you see in your life now is the evidence of your past thinking, speaking, and actions taken or not taken. It’s just that you may not have been as conscious of these internal mechanism as the factors behind the scene in creating your experiences.

Now that you are, you get to use these consciously to literally create the life you want. Remember that you are the thinker who thinks the thoughts that create the things in your life!

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