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Remove The Obstacles To Your Money Freedom

Let’s get real, and tell the naked truth.  You with me? I want to ask you something – tell the truth ok?

How many credit cards do you have? Not sure?

Go count them. In the meantime, let me share a story with you.

When I was 24-years-old, I received an envelope in the mail.  I was so excited.  I ripped it open and there she was…my first credit card.  I was peacock proud. I was the first to have one. I don’t know if I read the not so fine print. All I knew was that I could buy things on credit.

Fast forward 8 years and I’m in credit card debt. Unable to pay my balances, dodging the bill collectors phone calls – that was a feat because then there was no caller id.

I eventually closed my accounts and could have been on the road to financial freedom.  But no. After paying off my debt, I created credit card debt again. The choices I made impacted and influenced my FICO score, the  interest rate on my car and mortgage purchase.

I did gain an understanding about credit, the difference between good and bad credit. Today I do most of my transaction with cash and debit card.

Tips from credit card debt:

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How often do you hear yourself say, “I just need more time”?

Between running a business, running errands, and running the taxi/shuttle, do you find yourself stretched, with you getting the short end of the sick? Then it seems many of you have a habit of consistently doing for other people and giving from your cup, which leaves you on empty.

Being on empty or even half empty robs your business, your health, wealth, and happiness.

I get that there is some satisfaction in doing things for others; however, it’s temporary. The real shift for fulfillment and sustained happiness has to take place internally. Read more…

We all have not-so-good days that many people refer to as infamous “bad days,” but when not-so-good days start to become normal for you, consider that you are spiritually unplugged from the source that gives you guidance in life.

  • Is your internal conversation a soil for negative thoughts?
  • Do you feel stuck in taking action to achieve your goals and happiness?
  • Do the words you speak affirm and attract your goals and dreams?

Getting Spiritually Plugged In… 3 Tips

Recognize that there is a spiritual aspect to you. When you connect to something bigger than yourself, you will find that in the face of disappointments, you can align with that presence that is bigger than your circumstances. Think of it as a gas station. When your car is half full or close to empty, you pull into a gas station for fuel. Read more…

We’re in business to make money.

Yes, we are motivated by our soul’s calling that was nudging us or keeping us awake at night. Yes, we want to transform, inspire, and empower our clients to live their dreams and soar.

At the end of the day, it’s about generating revenue to take care of ourselves, our family, and to build a sustainable business. Over the years, I have coached many entrepreneurs who have gotten stuck in generating the revenue results they long for, yet have not explored, updated, and reframed their money story and their relationship with money.

Given that for many people, money skills weren’t taught at the dinner table, unconscious beliefs about money are probably impacting your income, revenue, and profits. Changing your relationship with money will definitely open the floodgates to greater abundance in all areas of your life.

Here Are 5 Steps to Improve Your Finances Now:

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What’s Holding You Back?

As you may know I have been navigating my health.  Since September 5th I have been learning just how important my health is to creating and living a luxurious life.


It really is the choices we make in the key areas of our life that determine the quality of our living.


What will it be for you in 2015?


Are you ready to take your wellbeing to the next level?

Are you willing to live fully as the author and creator of your life from a holistic mindset?


I can tell you the last five months of 2014 certainly showed me the importance of taking responsibility for my health and well-being.  I believe it’s time for alllll women to take total and complete responsibility for their lives and start living.


In 2014 did you feel overwhelmed, overworked and undervalued?

In 2014 did you vow to lose weight, eat better and just enjoy your life more?

In 2014 did you start your goals and ran out of energy to manifest them?


Well, it’s 2015 and with tools and tips you can claim it as your best year ever!!!


I have teamed up with several POWERHOUSE experts who are actively creating healthy lifestyles and will share content, strategies and resources for you to do the same.


The “Be Well Experience: How to Be Happy, Healthy, & Wealthy NOW”

January 19-23, 2015

Register now: www.bewellexperience.com.


Join me and 9 experts as we offer you the road map to create abundance, look & feel good, how eating fresh can help your waistline & grocery bill and so much more.

What is Your Dream for 2015? Let’s Talk.

It’s nice to be in your inbox. Happy New you!!

This week many are reflecting on Dr. King’s vision and dream. It’s a powerful reminder.

He accomplished a great deal in ten years that continues to ripple in our lives today.

While I am over the top about 2015, bubbling with excitement and energy to manifest my goals this year!  What I want to know is…

What is your dream for your life and business?

What is the vision that is guiding your decisions and actions?

I spent New Years in Hawaii playing and setting intentions.

Visioning with the Universe was the action I took to make an inner shift to begin to pave the way to manifest my dream.

I invested last October in myself and business in the Sacred Self Impact & Affluence Mastermind with Dr. Venus Opal Reese.  I spent four days in Dallas, several weeks ago deepening my inner shift as well as generating marketing strategies and joint venture opportunities.  It was powerful, healing and positioned me to win.

I was just one of the featured speakers in the “7 Days of Abundance” tele-summit and killed it—if I do say so myself. (Yes, we get to acknowledge ourselves)

Sacred abundance, wealth-consciousness, and money—that’s my sweet spot.

It’s what I love to teach, and this year, it’s even better.

Lastly, I was accepted as a writer for a local magazine with a10K readership, “Today’s Innovative Woman.”

These are the actions I planned to move toward my dream being a reality this year.

So what about you? What are you laser focused on for your life and business?

Tell me, what is the BOLDest, scariest choice you know you need to make now, for the future you want and deserve?

Is one of those choices financial freedom?

Do you want to be, do, and have more, and you want the money to do so?

Are you burnt out from being on your grind all the time and want an easier way?

Maybe you’re just simply ready to claim your birthright!

Because you know that no one is going to hand it to you on a platter, right? And…

Are you starting to realize that “hard work” isn’t attracting it to you either?

It’s a powerful action to invest your energy, time & money in yourself & your goals.  I know.

  • If you are a high-achieving woman who is ready to have, be, and do more and you want the strategies to do just that, then let’s talk.
  • If you are a six-figure earner who knows how to make money but not live in wealth-consciousness, let’s talk.
  • If you’re interested in tapping into principles that can change the trajectory of your life for greater wealth, passion, and purpose, and you’re serious, I want to talk with you.
  • Lastly, if you’re chasing money like you chase a man—oh, excuse me, a sale—let’s talk.
  • If you would like to work with me directly, one on one, privately, let’s talk.

Let’s expand your financial influence. Let’s shift your energy. Let’s open your heart to make your dream a reality.  

Schedule Now your 30 minute-Sacred Wealth Intuitive Session: Strategies to increase sacred wealth and intentional action. There are 9 spots available. https://www.timetrade.com/book/M1VPL

I have impactful results with women who:

1. Have financial freedom as a goal.

2. Are ready to be intentional about your wealth and money, and

3. Are willing to take action.

I am holding a space for you to have a fulfilling, spiritually rich, abundant and successful life and business.

It’s Not About How You Are Feeling

It’s 6:34am on the last Sunday morning of 2014.  I have to get up at least 2 hours ahead of time to drink a full bottle of water and eat a banana.

The water wakes up my digestive system and the banana gives me the nutrition before I start my class.

It’s cold outside. Oh no, not like your cold if you’re in the mid west or east coast.

I’ve had a California Christmas as Mary Mary sings in the background.  So my cold is 37 degrees outside.

The voice in my head tells me, I could stay in bed and write blog posts … like this one.  Then the voice is quiet.  It doesn’t have much of a convincing argument.

My intention is stronger.

I decided on Christmas day that I would attend my yoga class  – Bikram Hot Yoga that is, 4 days in a row.

I had already been twice this week, the Tuesday and Wednesday before Christmas, but of course, I couldn’t attend ON Christmas day.

So here I am, the last Sunday in 2014, three days in a row and the voice starts.   

In truth, I can’t stay in bed.  Here’s why.

I’m in a Mastermind class for one year. I made a hefty investment in my business & myself to be a Game Changer for 2015.

One of the things I’ve learned that is changing my reality is not a matter of how I feel, unless I’m legitimately sick.  Rather it’s…

  • A matter of who I AM for myself
  • About how I show up for myself and
  • About keeping my word to myself, first. 

My word to myself was that I would attend yoga 4 days in a row, actually as many days as I have free without having my son tag along and wait the 90 minutes of the class.  Don’t get me wrong, I honor my feelings and listen to them, they just don’t solely determine my actions.  Instead, I use them as a gauge for where I am in my vibration & energy.

What about you?  It’s the last Monday of 2014, depending on when you read this. How will you stand for yourself in 2015?  What do you have in place to honor your promises to yourself, first, so that you see the results in your life and business that you deserve?

Let me know.  Send me an email – I’d love to hear from you. 

I wish you a fulfilling, prosperous, happy and healthy New Year.

Busy, Booked, Brilliant and Broken-down

Giving from ONLY our overflow and honoring our sacred self to generate sacred wealth … is soul stirring.

Giving from your overflow is something my coach—Best-Selling Author and International Speaker, Lisa Nichols—taught me, and I have never forgotten it.

What about you? Are you giving from a half-empty tank? Pouring into everyone else and not having much, if any, for yourself?

Had a successful year and last quarter, feel exhausted from pulling it off, and need a lift in your spirit to be present for yourself?

Want to be in good energy, have a great celebration, and feel honored?

Then this call is for you. I invite you to take BOLD action for YOURSELF, your soul, your Spirit, and your well-being like you know you matter and join me on this first-of-its-kind powerful holiday call and let me pour into you.

The Power of Prayer for the Season
Peace and Prosperity Online Session
Rev. Jenenne Macklin
Thursday, December 18, 2014
6:30 PST/8:30 CST/9:30 EST
Register Now



I Appreciate You!


I thank you, I appreciate you and I honor the value you bring

to my life, and the world by your presence.


My wish for you is that you will remember how powerful, amazing, talented, smart and loving you are in it all and through it all.

My wish is that you get to BE the powerful force of giving thanks for the unique experiences with your family, however that looks for each of you. Give thanks in all things and through all things.

My wish is that you will let go of the old beliefs, outdated stories, and those childhood ways of behaving that do not support the adult that you are now; that you will hold on to and honor yourself throughout this holiday time.

My wish is that you will stand in gratitude and appreciation for it all, because it is what has made you the beautiful, talented, smart, loving being that you are today.

My wish is that you will recognize the power of giving thanks for YOU, your amazing journey, all that you were willing to do, be, and create; your success (without judgment or criticism); your dreams; and the lives you’ve touched.


I am thankful that you have allowed me into your space and

your life.


I am honored that you took the time to actually show up on my tele-class calls and interact with me in my workshops, speaking events and teleseminars. I wouldn’t even know you, if you hadn’t said yes.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to read my email blogs and respond to them, send me love notes and acknowledge that what I say makes a difference in your life.


I acknowledge that you have taken action by investing in yourself through my group coaching, VIP days and private one-on-one Prosperity Sessions.


I am so honored that you return my calls and send me love notes, thoughts of appreciation and kind gestures of cards.


My life is rich because of all of you.

It gives my heart such joy to serve as a catalyst for you to shift the trajectory of your life and business for your breathtaking future in accordance with my divine purpose and passion.




On this day, my dear friend, I extend heartfelt appreciation to you; I see you—I value you and do I love you. May we continue to grow, expand, serve, and delight in our joy, fulfillment and success as partners in prosperity.

Ready to KICK that corporate gig to the curb? … Hold up!

Women are seizing the day and starting their own small businesses (5 employees or less) at empowering rates. I am excited to see that we are taking hold of our lives and stepping out on our dreams.

I was recently speaking with a woman who was ready to kick her corporate gig to the curb. She was fed up!!

She had worked herself up so much about having two, even three, different gifts she wanted to parlay into a business. She just knew there was something more that she was supposed to be doing … even though she liked what she did in her corporate gig.

As she continued in her almost defiant agitation about her current situation, I simply said, “If it’s that bad, quit tomorrow.”


So what’s the real issue?

Does this resonate with you on any level?

Are you looking at all you have to offer and looking at your job as getting in the way of you becoming an entrepreneur?

Or are you working yourself up to dissatisfaction in your job as fuel to take the leap because deep inside you’re afraid to—and complaining about work gives you a sense of relief because you’re tired and exhausted?

I’ve been there. For several years, I watched my friends and colleagues resign from their jobs and start living as entrepreneurs.

I longed to do the same.

My thought was, “I ‘ll be glad when I can leave and write my book and start speaking again.” I held this thought for several years.

So believe me when I say, “I understand wanting to take flight and live your dream.”

I still ask, “What’s stopping you?” I used my son as an excuse.

He needed medical coverage for acute asthma/allergies.

The Universe felt my cry/complaints, and I got fired in 2011.

Can I support you? Is that okay?

I’ve walked this one out for you already.

Hold up before you move so fast and work yourself up to being frustrated every day you go to work, finding yourself irritated by your team, your staff, your boss, and everything else. Stop making yourself miserable

Here are three simple tips to keep you moving:

  1. Shift your mindset about your corporate gig. It’s a great resource.
  2. Get laser focused on the one thing you want to do.
  3. Write out the first three steps you are willing to take NOW for that one thing.

I had a book in my creative spirit that I wanted to write.

Quite frankly, there was nothing about my corporate job that prevented me from developing an outline, identifying the chapters, or even making notes about what I wanted to share.

There were, however, obstacles within me that were causing me to sell myself short before I even walked out the door to become an entrepreneur.

If this resonates with you on any level, then join me for a powerful, insightful, and honest look at what gets in the way of us making the moves and money we desire and deserve.

Selling Yourself Short?

Why You Undercharge and How to STOP DOING THAT!

November 10, 2014 – 5:30PST, 7:30CST, 8:30EST

Register Free

If you want awe-inspiring results without stress, self-doubt, worry, or exhaustion, join us for a teleconference that will literally give you the answers that can transform your life and your money. Hit the link and Register Free.

I am positive that you are not the only one in this situation: wanting to leave but being afraid to; wanting to leave and using your job as an excuse to get clarity and focus for your next step

PAY IT FORWARD. Pay it forward! I love the movie and love the philosophy. Think of two sister friends you know who would benefit from learning how to stop selling themselves short. Get the inner secrets and the clarity to success, and forward this email. Invite a friend to join you on the call.